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Competitions Organised by The Regulating Council

The dates and the conditions of the competitions are posted on this web site and they are usually announced in August.

• POSTERS: The best of these is chosen to announce The Vine and Wine Conference (Las Jornadas de La Viña y El Vino). Organised in a different borough of the island each year, this event brings together wine-growers and wine-makers from all over La Palma.

• PHOTOGRAPHY: The objective of this annual event is to show the best of the island wine in the form of photographs.

• POETRY: Wine is poetry. This literary event is organised once a year, as part of the “SAN MARTIN Vine and Wine Conference, and is gaining international acclaim. Most of the works taking part in the official section come from different parts of the world.

• LITERARY TALES: This competition has been created to give children the chance to express their creativity and let their imagination take flight through story-telling. The idea is pass on wine culture to the next generation in order to conserve it.

“San Antonio del Monte” Wine Tasting (Denomination Of Origin Vinos De La Palma)

Every year, the Regulating Council helps to organise the only competition on the island for Wines with Denomination of Origin to be held on the island of La Palma, in La Villa de Garafía. This competition coincides with the Festival of San Antonio del Monte, in June.

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